Monday, July 21, 2014


  When I had small children, I used to say that solitude would be the curse of my old age.  I coveted time alone.

Solitude has not been the curse of my old age yet.  However, last week at home I began to feel a bit bored and knew that it was time to find more to do.  I have some ideas for the fall and several trips in the works.

 A week ago Friday when I was bored,  I tried to give blood for the first time in years--and failed.  Five months in Scotland in 1981 and I was "permanently deferred."  I think it was mad cow disease!

For one week however, I am reminded of those years when solitude was precious.  I am helping Laura,  our daughter, with her three little ones while her nanny is on vacation.  Jim has joined me for the weekend and today.  The boys go to day camp from 9 to 3:30 and the little one goes to a morning camp from 9:30 to 12.  She takes a short afternoon nap.  So there is a window of quiet time in the morning and the afternoon  and those few hours are treasured.   I shower, walk, catch up on the news and email, read a bit and nap myself.  And then I'm ready for all the busyness again.

And it is busy!  They are three wonderful, bright, happy children who have strong opinions and express them!  How good it was to hear the little one say today however, "Grandpa and Grandma are the best."  And what fun to show the boys a photo of us in our wedding attire--looking so young--and hear their comments.  I loved making muffins with them twice--in four days!  A two year old's little mistakes are so memorable, "Grandma, the teeth in my shoe hurts."  (translation: the tongue in her sneakers was tucked underneath)  Or when the taxi driver, a pleasant looking gentleman of another race, drove up with an unseen Grandpa in the back seat, "That doesn't look like Grandpa!"

It's 9 pm and time for a glass of wine with Grandpa.  Laura was able to join Michael in Philly for a team dinner for work.   Solitude with Grandpa is also good!


  1. I had told you about the blood donor thing, hadn't I? I've never been allowed to donate. Every couple of years I check, and they still haven't changed the BSE rules. --Jeff

  2. You probably did, Jeff, and I forgot. Dad donated 20 years ago and no one objected. We did visit a farm and brought back Scottish mud on our sneakers.