Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Not the Usual Routine

At home, we have our routines.  This week they are someone else's routines--the patterns of a busy household with two working parents, both of whom traveled this week, and three busy children.

Last night I realized I had not made a daily list for a week--since I left home.  I always make lists of what I need to do around the house or the appointments I have or even what I hope to accomplish.  I am lost when I lose my little notebook.  But not this week!

I also realized that I had not reflected as to whether I had done anything for anyone else each day.   Not a big deal, but an awareness of why we are here on earth!   This week I have hardly given a thought to anyone except being Grandma to three little ones.

  I just brought Jim to the airport;  I head for home tomorrow.  We pick up Ruth for lunch in a few minutes. Meanwhile I have a lovely spot to sit on Laura's back porch looking at a crepe myrtle in bloom.  Today I see bumblebees in its branches; last night it was fireflies.  It's an opportunity to blog--another routine that has been left for a while.

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