Tuesday, July 8, 2014

44 years later...

The summer of 1970--we had big plans to participate in an archaeological dig in Jordan.  It was to be a few week trip to Heshbon, six weeks there, and then a few weeks left to travel in Europe.  However, violence closed the borders and we were stranded in Europe for 13 weeks until our charter flight returned.   We found it impossible to get more funds--we tried several times--so we did our best to follow Europe on $5 on a Day,  a popular book at that time. With a few breaks for hotels and relatives, it was 13 weeks in a pup tent--travelling from Amsterdam to Istanbul and back.

I wrote in a travel journal almost daily and today I read portions of it to Jim on the two hour trip we made to meet our travel companions of that memorable summer at Shuler's Restaurant in Marshall, Michigan.    I don't know when all four of us have been together--maybe 35 years ago, maybe more.  It was wonderful!  Our online reservation asked if it was a "special occasion."  I checked the Yes box!  We had old stories to share and new stories to tell.  We left determined to make the next visit far sooner.

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