Friday, July 4, 2014

A Happy List

Las week  Laura posted a "happy summer list" because she wanted to leave something positive on her blog before took a week off from blogging.   Thursday night I was a grump for reasons I will not disclose here!  Friday was much better and I thought it might be worth making my own happy list.

These are the things that made me happy last Friday:

Breakfast with a young graduate student friend outside the Notre Dame library--coffee and a great muffin with good conversation.

Practicing our wonderful, 130 year old tracker pipe organ at church in preparation for Sunday's service.

Eating the first two little tomatoes from my garden plot at church.

The RotoRooter man giving a great suggestion for solving a clogged downspout problem and not charging us for his visit.  I did however hear all about his noisy parrots and the room he built especially for them.

Our lawn mower repair taking four days instead of the week to ten days estimated.

A great summer supper of devilled eggs, asparagus soup, broccoli salad and carrot salad.

A reassuring chat with my sister.

Doing the Thursday NYT crossword puzzle with Jim and not needing to look up anything or having to put it away for a fresh look later.

Reading my daughter's happy list.

Laura has made the point on other occasions that it is the little bits of happiness we need to look for and focus on.  It's a good exercise.  Sometimes that is easier to do than others.


  1. This is such a good exercise! I keep a "thankfulness journal" inspired by Ann Voscamp's book _One Thousand Gifts_. It's so refreshing to look through it on rough days when I'm not feeling so thankful.

    1. Lisa, I always appreciate your comments. I'm glad you found my blog again!