Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Patience with Electronics

My Mac laptop's screen is hanging on to the keyboard with a few wires.  I move it gingerly if at all.  It still works however.

The cord on my beloved Chromebook will no longer connect to the hard drive to restore the battery.  I tried a new $15 cord and that didn't help.  The Geek Squad at Best Buy said the pin is loose inside the laptop and fixing it would cost more than a new one.  My Chromebook was perfect for travel-lightweight and it could do anything I needed it to do.

So I bought a new one--this time an Asus for just $149--$120 less than the Chromebook.  I did add the extra hardware warranty for two years which cost almost as much as the Asus.  Maybe that was foolish.  I don't like making these decisions.  How can a laptop that costs so little be any good?  We shall see.

So with fear and trembling, I opened the box and started to set it up.  The screen kept telling me reassuring things like "Your apps are on their way" and "Don't turn off your PC" and because it was constantly changing color, I knew something was happening.

So far I have accessed Hotmail, Facebook and my blog.  I have not been able to access Icloud and don't know why. 

Why does my screen suddenly enlarge?  Where did the icons go?  How can I add a photo to this blog? 

I don't like changes.  I like things to last forever.  And they don't.  But right now I am feeling confident enough to try to set up my new iPhone as well.  Maybe tomorrow.

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