Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 100 Dreams?

 Laura is posting "12 Days to a Happier, More Productive Life" on Facebook.  Day 2 is "Work on your List of 100 dreams."  I don't think I can scrape up 100 dreams that are at all realistic and possible.  Is that a sad sign of aging or a good sign of contentment?

I love to travel but there really are not many places on my bucket list any more.  I would be happy to go to Paris and St. Andrews, Scotland again--but am very hesitant about an overseas flight with the discomfort of crowded seats and the bewilderment of jet lag.  I have signed up for my "dream trip" of the Greek Islands including Patmos for September 2015 but I may back out.  If I don't get my money back, St. John's Monastery, the sponsor,  can have my donation. 

I would like to spend a whole week in New York City and feel as if I were living there with time to enjoy the sights and spend time with Dan and Raven without the pressure of a short stay.  That is certainly a possibility.  I'd like to see Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, the town that Laura visited and absorbed when she was writing The Cortlandt Boys.  I'd like to visit old friends in Houston and Raleigh and my new Goodreads penpal in the state of Washington. And of course, I am eager to spend more time in Princeton and Gladwyne with the grandchildren (and their parents)!

I have dreams of  faith for my children and grandchildren but all I can do is to pray and leave that in God's hands.  I have dreams of  health and happiness for all of us--but again, I can try to live well and encourage Jim to live well, but much of that is out of my control also.  We are aging and our friends are aging. 

I dream of healing for the two young men whose families are posting on Caring Bridge.  I can pray for them and let them know of our support but that is all I can do. 

In this first year of retirement, I have done well appreciating each day and whatever happens in it.  Sometimes I have plans; sometimes I don't.  But there are books to read, music to enjoy, crossword puzzles to challenge me, good food to cook and eat, a world of information to explore on the internet, friends to contact via Facebook and email--it's all good. 

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