Monday, December 8, 2014

Patience with Electronics Part II

It has been a day of some frustration but, overall, much accomplishment.

My iPhone 6 is set up and working.  I can email, text, take photos and send them.  I downloaded updated versions of Shutterfly and Instagram that actually work with an updated operating system.   Apple Maps can give me oral instructions.  I repurchased my only paid for app--Dark Sky.  The price had gone up to $3.99!  I can email by dictation.  Wow!  That impressed me more than anything else.

No success yet in transferring the photos from my old phone to my new phone.  It's not crucial because they are saved on icloud on my laptop.  I may still figure that out.

I started the process of setting up the phone on my own, but got anxious and went to the Verizon store which fortunately was not at all busy.  Tony transferred my contacts and sold me a protective case.  He also asked how my Christmas shopping was coming and then tried to sell me speakers and even a little drone.  I resisted.  He gave me instructions to further transfer apps and photos but when I got home, there were no words such as "sync" and "restore" as he said would pop up.  It's rarely as easy as the techs say!

I called Verizon for help and Lekea was wonderful with me.  She called me Miss Mary just like my students used to do and I told her she was a dear.  She helped me set up email successfully. However, at some point we lost communication and I gave up.  I would have liked to have praised her to her supervisor.   When I told her how patient she was, she said that was fine because I was learning how to use something new.  She didn't know that I was trying to talk to her on my cell phone and forgot she was on the land line! 

I have found icloud for my Asus laptop and have recovered my photos and journals and recipes--all out there in cyberworld.  That was my issue on my last posting.

I will probably solve transferring the photos as well--maybe. At one point my head was so full of passwords that when I tried to order something online, I couldn't even remember my own zipcode. 

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