Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Typical Day--Maybe

Every once in a while, Laura posts a typical day in her life on her blog.   Yesterday I was thinking that I had occasionally done a similar thing years ago in my written journals--keeping track of the busy days when the children were little.  I thought maybe I would do that yesterday but Jim's doctor appointment and  scheduling of his heart catheterization procedure--and my need to reschedule my travel plans to the East coast next week made it an atypical day.  Laura points out that no day is "typical" however when she asks folks to keep time logs.

I will attempt to record today as a more "typical" day.

 I woke up very early--unusually early at 6 am.  My mind was racing, thinking about Christmas plans, travel plans, and Jim's health issues.  I got up shortly before 7 and began my back exercises on the floor at the prime TV time--7 am with CBS news to keep me amused.  I like Gayle King, Nora Roberts, and Charley Rose.  They are serious and pleasant and work well together.  If I watch at 7, the show is commercial free until maybe 7:15.  After that, it is hopeless to get in more than three minutes without a break.

Jim made coffee for us and brought in our newspapers-- the NY Times and the SB Tribune.  I read the Tribune while eating my homemade granola.  I usually give Jim the steroid eye drop before he leaves for work and then enjoy some laptop time--reading my email and the lectionary.

I looked through some organ music as possibilities for Sunday's service and then headed for church at 10 to practice for a while.  The next stop was CVS to look for boxed Christmas cards--not the right place to do that.  My haircut was next door at Salon Rouge with Ciera who has done my hair for a few years now.  I gave her a small stick of banket along with a little larger Christmas tip today.

I returned home to check email and make up our Shakeology drinks in the blender using OJ, milk, and frozen strawberries today.  I packed them up and delivered one to Jim at the circle near his Flanner office.  We chatted a bit and then I went to the ND bookstore where I bought a box of note cards to use as Christmas cards, an ND ornament as a fun gift for Katie who is considering Notre Dame for college, and a puzzle calendar for Jim as a Christmas gift--even though we said we were not giving each other anything but a trip to Florida.

I drove to Maggie's house and we walked back to campus, making a stop at the Hesburgh Library to see a few more crèche displays from around the world.  Maggie especially liked the one from
 Nigeria which was a village full of figures going about their business with Jesus in a manger off to the side.

Back home again--for some NYT reading--and a nap.  I did a bit of yard work and then started supper--leftover turkey, salsa, corn, and Minute Rice.  Jim was home early and we had a bit of wine before sitting down to our meal.

I started a load of laundry and then checked email again.  I enjoyed a  bowl of ice cream with pecans and chocolate sauce and did yesterday's NYT's puzzle.  A Tuesday puzzle should be within my ability to do alone--and I did with just a few spaces open at the end. 

7:30 has become my travel time--with Rick Steve's Europe on PBS.  Today we went to Denmark outside of Copenhagen and it was lovely and interesting as it always is.

And that is it--so far.  What have I forgotten?  A Christmas gift arrived from Laura via Amazon.  Joseph Kahlil emailed just to say hello.  I communicated by messaging with Linda Bolt to say I wouldn't be coming to NYC after all.  I sent music for Sunday to David and Sue at the church office.

It's a pretty low-keyed life--at least it was today. 


  1. A good, full day! Good to learn about my present too! Now the pressure is on me.


  2. Oops! I forgot you would be reading!