Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Relationship with Facebook

My relationship with Facebook itself  is complicated.  Isn't that a word on the list of possibilities that some use about their relationships on Facebook?

I have kept the Facebook app off my iphone as one way of not checking it too often.  I have now vowed to check it just a few times each day--and never late at night when some postings linger in my sleepless mind.

But what would I have missed in the last week if I didn't have Facebook at all?

         a  photo of my handsome son "looking toasty" as he put it

        the continuing four night saga of the cat in a friend's tree and the heroic rescue by the Notre Dame Climbing Club

        a video of my grandson jumping over mats to the cheers of little ones at the Taekwando class where he was assisting

When I occasionally post my blog on Facebook, it is fun to see who reads and likes and comments.  I like sharing my children's posts and now maybe even my grandchildren's posts.  I like "traveling" with friends who post photos of their trips.

But a few times a day is enough.  There is plenty of free time in retirement, but discipline is needed!