Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cooking and Eating

Some people enjoy cooking as a way to relax.  I don't particularly like to cook but I do like to eat.  And I want to really like what I eat--not just eat because I am hungry or it is meal-time.  Plus I want our meals to be healthy.

Tonight was a good example of my style in the kitchen.  I made a list of ideas for this week and bought ingredients yesterday.  Tonight was a recipe with butternut squash, red peppers, feta cheese and Italian sausage.  OK, the Italian sausage is not healthy, but there was only 1/4 pound in it for the two of us.  A little bit of red pepper, onion, rosemary and olive oil and about 45 minutes in the oven and we had a fantastic supper.   We have really cut back on our meat eating and use it to flavor a dish far more often than as the main course for the dinner.   A couple of apple slices and an English muffin gave us a bit of variety.

I also have realized that my time in the kitchen is much more pleasant if I put a CD on--usually choral music and often hymns sung by choirs from Calvin College, Notre Dame, or Oxford or Cambridge. Listening to that music gives me a kind of peace while doing work that itself is not a joy to me.

Now if I could just resist a little ice cream for dessert, I would be better off but a bit of sweetness is so good!

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