Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On the Road with Jim (IV)


I needed a footstool to get into bed
The Stockade Bed and Breakfast was a pretty upscale place.  Our spacious room was full of original art work.  The upstairs rooms centered around a large open parlor--although that seems like the wrong word for its southwestern feel.  A very high bed miade me feel uneasy but it was the best night of sleep I've had in a long time.

We chatted with a couple from Winston-Salem during breakfast.  He was a former FBI agent who set up RJ Reynolds security before he retired.  She was a master gardener who curates the herb garden in the Moravian Community of old Salem.  They were interested in Jim's work and the Dead Sea Scrolls and were very jolly breakfast companions.  That can be a bonus of B and Bs; it can also be a liability.
Looking up at 27th floor deck

Another view of Jim viewing the river
After breakfast, we drove through the LSU campus and then on to the Shaw Center for the Arts where we viewed the river from the 4th floor terrace.  We walked along the levee for a bit and then drove to the State Capitol Building which seemed to feature Huey Long's assassination more than anything else.  It took two elevator rides, the second one in a small elevator (capacity 6 persons), to get to the 27th observation deck.  The view of the city, the refineries, and the river was wonderful but I am uneasy in open, high places like that.  We didn't stay long!

We arrived at a very new Holiday Inn Express in Jackson, Mississippi around 4:30.  Supper was pizzas at Manship in the middle of a large Baptist Health Center.  An artichoke and chicken pizza was interesting, but the fire roasted carrots were great--we did need a veggie after all!

Jim watched Monday Night Football and I got annoyed with the noise.  Eventually, he muted it, and then later I watched it too.  There is a need for compromising while travelling!


I'm writing from the Memphis Airport where we just returned our cute red Ford Focus to the Alamo Dealer.  We put on 994 miles in seven days.

We're very ready to be home but also grateful for safe and healthy travel.  And we are planning our next Mississippi River road trip--maybe the area around St. Louis and Hannibal during fall break, October 2015.

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