Thursday, October 16, 2014

Forever Learning....about Football?

"A Ladies Guide to Football" was my third attempt at a class at Forever Learning, an educational venture for senior citizens in our community.  Last fall while I was still working, I signed up for a weekly ballet class.  The instructor was wonderful and called us her divas.  I found it very difficult to follow instructions and really did not enjoy the slow pace of the exercise.  I skipped the last few classes.

Last spring I tried Zumba thinking it would be faster paced.  So it was and again the instructor was great but I got bored and did not last to the end of the term.  I have concluded I am too rebelliious for group exercise and following instructions.

This fall I signed up for "A Ladies Guide to Football" and I made it to the end of the six week session.  Does this say that I am a couch potato at heart?  To be fair to myself, I did do at least six weeks of the other classes--but I would have gone to more of this one if it had more sessions.

Do you know what a nickel back is?  What the spread offense is?  Why the holder is sometimes the second string quarterback?  Maybe you do, but I didn't.  I am amazed at the complexity of football strategy and rules.  I learned a lot and have a lot left to learn!

There is much I don't respect about college and professional football.  When I see a large photo and article of a high school recruit on the front page--above the fold as our daughter would say--of the South Bend Tribune sports section, I can understand that these young men begin to feel entitled to break rules in academics and in life--even at Notre Dame where over 95% of the college players graduate.

But if football is going to be on TV at our house, and it is fairly often, I like being able to understand a bit more of what is going on.

Thanks to a great instructor, Nan Tulchinski, who even provided us with a tailgate party for our last session!

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