Friday, October 3, 2014

In a Peaceful Place

I can hear the wind and the waves.  There are still dark skies but the sun has come out and is shining on the whitecaps.  It is a pretty wild scene, not a peaceful scene but I am in a peaceful place anyway.

It has been an especially rough week after a summer of concern.  Jim has a persistent viral infection in his "good eye" and he has had unexplained severe pain and swelling in his hands and foot.  We may, or may not, get a diagnosis on Monday when he sees both the eye doctor and the rheumatologist again.

But today he has been able to see well  enough and feel well enough to drive to a golf course and play nine holes. He just texted me briefly:  "On six.  Fun."  I don't know when I have been so happy to know that he was able to golf!  And that he didn't need me to go along to spot the balls.  Or if he did need me, it was okay that I stayed back at the cottage anyway!

I feel the peace of being able to live in the present moment.  The eyes may be worse tomorrow, the hand may swell up and be painful again soon, or who knows what could happen to our 68-year old bodies next?  But today is a good day and one for thanksgiving!

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