Friday, September 26, 2014

You never know...

On Wednesday I blogged about being a bit bored and restless.   I couldn't get motivated to do much of anything.

I had nothing scheduled for Thursday either except a dinner with Jim at night to use a gift certificate with a deadline of Saturday.  We did not have that dinner.  I cancelled our reservation from the ER where Jim was being treated for very severe pain, so severe that he was in danger of fainting in his office.

So that was my Thursday and I was busy every minute until evening.   I had driven Jim to work in the morning because of his foot pain, then later picked him after one class and driven him to another, got my passport application processed at the ND Post Office, went home for lunch--and then turned around immediately when he texted me to come to get him at his office on the 8th floor.  He was having so much pain that he felt faint and he didn't dare come down alone. The medics,  called by Jim's colleague Claire at Notre Dame, did not want me to drive him to the ER or the doctors.  He was taken by ambulance to St. Joe Medical Center.

A lovely walk at St. Joe Medical Center
The medics at ND, the ambulance crew and the staff at St. Joe were all wonderful.  Dr. Shellenberger looked at Jim and said, " You look miserable, Mr. Vanderkam," and I was so grateful to him for not acting like this was just one more case in a very busy ER.  And it was busy.  There were five ambulances and a waiting room full of people when I arrived a few minutes after Jim did.

A shot for pain gave Jim much relief and he was very grateful--and pretty mellow.  Five hours later, we left with prescriptions and instructions to contact our own Dr. Blechl and to get more testing.  Dr. Shellenberger was nice enough to want to admit Jim so he could follow through and find out what might be the cause of the pain but we were eager to go home.  Jim was pleased to watch Thursday night football at home and we both wanted to sleep in our own bed.

Jim has been very patient through this whole process of dealing with his eye problems and these severe joint problems which may actually all be related.  That is not at all clear at this point.

I was glad I got my little road trip in last week and that I was home to help him this week.  Today he is home with me all day and it is lovely to have his company in spite of the reason.  We even treated ourselves to Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home from the eye doctor appointment today.

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