Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Sounds as if you are keeping busy...."

This is a phrase I hear from others after they ask about my retirement.  I do have activities but some days are busier than others.  It is hard to strike a balance.

This has been a week without any meeting at the Snite Art Museum, no choir meetings, and no Bible study.  Plus no special trips planned and my walking buddy Maggie is on a trip.  I spent hours reading a less than worthwhile mystery on Monday; yesterday was some shopping, a hair cut, browsing at the Notre Dame library and checking out books, and doing some cleaning and laundry.   Today there will be my Ladies' Guide to Football class and a concert this evening.  Tomorrow, as far as I know, nothing scheduled.  Friday --a lecture by Ron Hansen at ND and getting ready for the graduate students group meeting at our house.

It is not a busy life.  I look to my laptop for keeping in touch with others and that gets good results so I don't feel totally isolated.  I pursue whatever interests me when I look at Laura's blog or Facebook postings from NPR.   This morning Linda Bolt, who may be in a similar place in life,  shared  this very relevant one from the Washington Post:

What kind of value do we place on a day with nothing planned? On a day not filled with lists of accomplishments, but with peace and quiet: a long walk to a coffee shop to enjoy a book, a phone conversation with a family member with whom we’ve lost touch. Will we tell those stories, or leave them out?  There is value in both the busy days and the slow, reflective ones. There is value in finding time for oneself.
When the next person asks me what I do all day, maybe I will simply say, “Enough.”

Our former pastor used to talk about "business" as a form of idolatry.  Our daughter has talked about being busy as a badge of pride--and an excuse for things that are not a priority--and maybe should be. Many folks when asked how they are will reply, "Busy."  I don't!

I wish I could be with little Sam in Pennsylvania on his 5th birthday; I wish I could help out more with Jim's mom without having to drive 60 miles each way; I wish I could help Jeff and Susan this week in New Jersey while she is gone and he is on crutches for a torn ankle ligament.  At least I am trying to be a good wife to Jim by helping out with his eye drop regime.  And I am blogging about how I feel and that always makes me feel better!

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