Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A New School Year

I have had absolutely no regrets about the new school year starting without me!  My supervisor emailed with various "opportunities" for me to return to work but said I could "candidly but guiltily" decline.  I did decline but not with guilt.  Well, maybe just a little because I do not want to see Family Literacy fold and it is always precarious.

I had thought I might be volunteering at the Juvenile Justice Center but, in spite of a very warm response from the head of probation, that has not seemed to work out.   I might still volunteer with a literacy program at the library but that is not underway yet.

So what does the fall schedule look like?  Every other Monday is continuing docent training at the Snite and the South Bend Museum of Art.  I will need to lead a tour at least once a month and probably more.  Every Tuesday morning is Bible Study at church with my friend Maggie in charge and about a dozen other women-all younger than I am.

And as of yesterday, every Tuesday and Thursday noon will be choir rehearsals with the Notre Dame Repertory Choir, a group that exists to give student conductors a chance to practice and that I hope will give me a chance to sing as a part of a group without the stress of frequent performances.  I was delighted to be accepted after a rather thorough audition and tickled to be offered a position as a paid member!  I turned the pay down; someone else needs it far more than I do, I'm sure.

Monday evenings, Maggie and I are going to try a water aerobics class at Notre Dame's pool.  That should be an adventure.

I am looking forward to a solo road trip in two weeks to Brown County, Indiana and a longer road trip with Jim along the Mississippi River in October.  There's Jim's annual convention in November in San Diego and probably Thanksgiving on the east coast with the kids.  And I just sent in a deposit (single supplement!) on a trip to Turkey and Greece with a group from St. John's Abbey in September 2015, a trip that includes Ephesus and Patmos and Santorini--made to order for me!

Some activities will continue as they have before.  Practicing the organ and traveling to Kalamazoo to visit Jim's mom are part of my at least bi-weekly routine.   Jim will continue reading with kids at Tarkington Elementary School and I probably should also.

So, my life looks busy enough but not too busy.  I pray for the good health and energy to enjoy each day.

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