Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 69th birthday.  It's the beginning of the 70th year but I will not call my blog "Year70."  I am thinking about a new title for a new year.

I can look back over the last year as a gift, the "Gift of a 69th Year." I found plenty to do in my retirement.  I travelled alone to Brown County, Indiana and to New York City.  I helped our children and grandchildren in Princeton, New Jersey and Gladwyne, Pennsylvania at busy times in their lives, including two weeks welcoming little Alex Conway in January.  I was able to see dance recitals, baseball games,  a chorale concert and a baptism.  Jim and I had great adventures travelling to San Diego, Indian Shores, Florida, and Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi along the lower Mississippi River Road as well as beach weeks in South Haven and Holland, Michigan.

I sang, played the organ, learned about art, and read lots of books.  I blogged and will "publish" this blog on Blog2Print for my own memories. 

My health was good except for this latest bout of insomnia; Jim had several issues, but is doing better now.  We lost Jim's mother which is both a relief and a void in our lives.  I have no desire to live to a very old age if it means dementia.  Limitations are to be expected.  I don't spend much time thinking of the future but I do note the ages of those whose obituaries are published. 

Next year?.  I hope to keep travelling and visiting children and making music and reading and learning.  I am obligated to do one more year of being an art museum docent.  And then we'll just see what else might come along.  

I lit a candle at the Grotto this morning with prayers for my own mental health and strength and the ability to live with joy and to serve others.


  1. Hi Mary, Happy Happy Birthday. I wrote this once and then it disappeared. But, better you get it twice than not at all. You have had a lovely birthday year if judged by your blog. Hope next year is as adventurous. You can make a trip to the Northwest!

    1. I just might do that, Marilyn. I have this idea of visiting my "old" friends in North Carolina and Texas--and then I'll visit my "new" friend in the NW!