Sunday, April 19, 2015

A glass of Pennsylvania wine

How much do you want a glass of wine?  Well, it seems that we really did and the harder it was to come by, the more we wanted it.

We are on our way home from Gladwyne, Pennsylvania where we witnessed Alex's baptism.  That is what I should write about and not this.  We stopped in Donegal for the night at a Holiday Inn Express, a very familiar stop for us.  Sadly, our favorite bar, Main Event, has closed.  No more great burgers and glasses of wine filled to the top.  When I gasped at her pour at our first visit, the waitress said, "You're in the country now."

The innkeeper suggested a family restaurant but I asked for a suggestion where wine was served.  She said to try Out of the Fire Café.  Another traveler said that it was a bit pricey but great.  We were shown to a seat, and looked over the menu.  The waiter saw us turning it over, looking for a wine list, and told us it was a BYOB establishment.  We asked where we could get a bottle of wine and we thought he suggested a 7-11 down the road but warned us that most of the wines were sweet.  That was a puzzling remark.

Down the road we went, stopping where we saw a Beer Distributor sign-but it was beer only.  The proprietor left his TV watching to tell us that there was no 7-11 down the road but the road itself was called Pa711 and there was a wine place a bit farther on.  When we got there, it was closed, but the proprietor of the beer place next door to it offered to open it for us.  Yes, most of the local Pennsylvania wines were sweet but we found a bottle chilled that seemed suitable-for $16.99--at least  a few dollars more than we usually spend.

We purchased it and at that point decided we were not going back to the Café to pay over $30 for each dinner and a corking fee.  So, MacDonald's it was--great burgers and fries in our room with a very nice wine to enjoy as well. 


  1. How funny! You guys must have looked like you really needed some wine! Glad you made it to Donegal all right.

  2. Love this post. The liquor laws in PA are confusing to say the least but the good news is you had a good meal and and an acceptable glass of two of wine...well done !