Monday, January 12, 2015


Excited and apprehensive are the way I feel tonight.  Laura texted me at noon today to say she is planning to go into the hospital Thursday morning to deliver her fourth child.  I immediately booked a flight and will be leaving for Philadelphia Wednesday morning. 

I went to New York City two days after Jasper was born; Jasper and I were able to welcome Sam together when he was born.  Laura's mother-in-law Diane helped when Ruth was born.  And now, in my retirement, it's my turn.  I am so excited to meet this little guy and to be a part of the family's welcome of him.  I am also apprehensive about having the energy and the patience it will take to be a part of a hectic family life for two weeks.

I am praying for a good delivery and safe arrival for the little one; I am praying that I will sleep well (always an issue for me!) and will know how to be helpful so that Laura can rest and enjoy her children--all four of them. 

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