Saturday, January 17, 2015

Alexander James Conway has arrived

Alex is sleeping--maybe--on my bed.  Laura is going to try to rest for a while before the next nursing.  It's about 9 pm on Friday and I am glad I can do this for her. 

There have been good moments and great moments and not so good moments in the last 60 hours or so.  Alex is whimpering right now.

So that was enough for blogging for an hour or more.  And now I'm too tired.  So...later.

Jim said my friend Maggie was looking for my blog and there were no updates.  I'll try again this morning.   Michael took Alex at 10:40 pm and Laura brought him in to me at 3:30 am.  He had been very restless and he was also restless with me for the next 2 1/2 hours--but Laura was able to sleep at least.  I am very tired and a bit woozy this morning but it's OK.  It wasn't my usual insomnia--I was able to sleep when I had the opportunity to do so.  For that I am grateful!

He is so precious and so little.  His favorite position was right on my chest--like he was in his mother. 

So here are some of the good moments of the last few days:

Walking home from preschool with Sam and asking him what the rocks along the lawns were for.  His reply?  "Maybe tombstones for frogs?"

Listening to Ruth play doctor with her dolls and hear her say to one of them, "Naps can't hurt."

Doing with Jasper and his joy at putting Alexander James Conway into the family tree.

Playing Scrabble with Jasper and Promise, the nanny, and losing to both of them! 

Eating Michael's coconut shrimp curry dish and his lamb chops.  He seems to like to cook and is good at it.

Knowing that I was able to be here when Laura unexpectedly went into labor at 12 midnight--instead of the planned "calm delivery" she had scheduled for the next morning. 

Seeing the videos of the little arrival at 4 am the same morning when Michael came home.

Retirement has made it possible for me to be here to help.  I am thankful for that--and praying for energy and patience.

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