Monday, June 23, 2014

Two Personalities; One Marriage

I knew Jim wanted to golf Saturday and Sunday.  I also knew I don't like to be alone both weekend days.

I wondered if he could think of anything that we could enjoy doing together on a beautiful day.  I couldn't.  I decided to give up and just go to the Leeper Art Fair myself and let him do whatever he wanted  to.

 Suddenly he said he did have an idea.  A pre-LPGA golf tournament was going on at Blackthorn Golf Course here in town and would I be interested in watching the women play?  He hesitated because it was still a golf outing.  I thought that would be great.  We've never watched a golf tournament and the $10 fee was cheap enough and for a good local cause.

It was great fun.  The women were good--not yet pros, but hopeful that they could be someday.  We watched them on several holes that Jim has played often.

We came home, ate supper, and then Jim went off for nine holes of golf, just getting it in before the storms came.

Sunday afternoon I decided I would still go to the Art Fair.  Again, to my surprise, Jim asked if I would take him along!  Of course!  I was touched by his trying to be a good companion.  However, the event was pretty dull and I need to remember not to go next year!

We came home, had a drink, did a puzzle, ate leftovers, and then I joined Jim walking for nine holes of golf.  It was muggy and sticky, but it was pretty out on the course with the sun low in the sky and lots of birds singing.  No one was ahead of us or behind us and that meant Jim was done in less than 1 1/2 hours.

It was a good weekend of compromising and enjoying each other's company.

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