Friday, June 6, 2014

Do I Look That Old?

Last Friday, a friend and I were walking on Notre Dame's campus.  We had on our sneakers and were keeping up what I thought was a decent pace even though we had been walking about 45 minutes.  It was Alumni Weekend and a fellow on a golf cart came up to us and said, "Do you need a ride?"  We assured him we were getting our exercise but I wanted to snap back, " Do we look like we need it?"

Jasper, our dear seven year old grandson, is so loving and yet so blunt.  "Grandma, why are your teeth yellow?"   "Grandma, the skin on your arms is all spongy."

I am startled when I look at photos of myself.  Who is that white-haired lady with that thick waist?  Oh, it's me!

On the other hand, yesterday I lifted my luggage to the rack on the plane without help, I carried it up and down steps at the airport and train stations, I avoided all moving walkways during my interminable delay in Detroit and I felt tough and strong!

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