Monday, February 16, 2015

Nothing to Do?

Yesterday I told my sister during our phone conversation that the only thing I had to do all week was to get my hair cut on Wednesday.  What was I thinking?   She has a very, very busy week ahead of her and maybe it was just the comparison.  I will not be taking care of three grandchildren overnight for the week--or four other grandchildren one day while both their parents are working as she will be doing.

Instead, it looks like just the kind of busyness that is right for me in my retirement. 

I said good-bye to Jim this morning and went back to my warm bed--for another whole hour!  I shopped briefly and unsuccessfully for replacements for lost or broken items and, more successfully, found four potentially good reads at our local library.  I met a young friend for lunch at Notre Dame and got a glimpse into a life much different than mine--one with decisions and opportunities for work and relationships.

I prepared for the Bible Study tomorrow on "Simplicity" and thought about how I need to get rid of all the stuff we hang onto--and that maybe someone else could use. 

So what is ahead for the rest of the week?

The Women's Bible Study and Prayer time at church on Tuesday.

The Notre Dame Repertory Choir class on Tuesday and Thursday.

An Ash Wednesday service which means choosing and preparing organ music, making a soup to share for the meal  and participating in the service.

Two Notre Dame basketball games to watch on TV--the women tonight and the men Thursday night.

The usual stuff around the house--meal preparation and laundry--particularly keeping in mind that we are leaving very, very early Friday morning for the east coast.

Busy enough but not too busy--things to do and things to learn--with plenty of time to relax and be open to possibilities.

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