Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Car Talk

"Another sign that you're growing up" was a phrase our older son remembers from his childhood.  Apparently we used it often.  Several years ago, I probably used it again when Jeff drove, Susan navigated and the three kids and I sat in the back of the minivan and we all headed into New York City to the Natural History Museum.  I was thrilled to have others driving and navigating especially crossing the bridge into the Big Apple.

Last week, we took it a step further.  Jim has a viral infection in his "good" eye--the only one that he can use for driving and reading.  We spent a hot afternoon with friends enjoying a Cubs game, but looking into the sun almost blinded Jim.  His eyes were so dilated that he could barely see for the one mile walk to a meeting place with Dan and Raven who had just gotten in at Midway.   After a great supper in a very darkened pub beneath street level, Jim's eyes were better but he was quite willing to have Dan drive home.  Dan drove and Raven navigated and Jim and I both sat in the back seat.  We really felt like the "old folks" but were grateful to have a driver who could see well.

As much as I would rather not drive, I was the "designated driver" today bringing Jim to the eye doctor at St. Joseph Medical Center and back again--about 90 miles each way from our lovely rental cottage on Lake Michigan.  Jim didn't like it and I didn't like it, but it was a good idea.  We both hope and pray that all the meds will have their effect and Jim will be back in the driver's seat soon.


  1. Is having a daughter getting her learners permit another sign I'm growing up?

    1. Yes, it is, Jeff! I remember your saying that coping with parents while learning to drive was always a source of small talk. Now you are on the other end of that!

  2. Glad you are having a great week at the lake. Good thoughts on the medication taking care of the Jim's eye infection.